Dental Lab Physical & Digital Impressions

Send a Physical Impression or Model

Download and fill the electronic RX. You can print and send it to us with a case or complete fillable electronic RX and upload here.
Please print a copy and send it with a case.


Pack your case

  • Place packing materials on the bottom of box.
  • Disinfect impressions and place each impression in a plastic bag and mark the contents on each bag.
  • Carefully wrap each model with packing material.
  • Place packing materials on top of contents.
  • Attach fully filled prescription.
  • Place the box into the Purolator Express Pack (maximum 2 boxes) and apply the shipping label on top.
  • To save money on shipping, send multiple cases in one box.

Please call the lab to obtain our Purolator account number and then contact Purolator directly (1-888-744-7123 or online at ) to arrange for your case to be picked up.

FOR LOCAL PICK UP please call our lab at 519-636-7900

Digital impressions have revolutionized the way dentists and labs approach treatment. Our dental lab is equipped with the latest digital impression technology, including iTero, Sirona Connect, 3M, True Definition, Trios, and Carestream, to ensure accurate, efficient, and comfortable impressions for your dental care needs.

Send a Digital Impression

As a modern, digitally enabled dental laboratory, we are able to support the major digital impression systems including:

iTero, 3Shape, Dentsply Sirona, Carestream, 3M, Medit

At Stomadent Dental Laboratories, we help you streamline your workflow and reduce treatment time and cost. By connecting your office to our lab, you can quickly and easily send us the data we need to begin your dental restoration. This will shorten turnaround time and improve the accuracy of each product.

Digital dentistry allows for an increased level of predictability compared to traditional methods, which means fewer adjustments and shorter chair-time for your patients. Keeping up with advancements in technology is part of our commitment to you as we strive to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

To send us data using each of the proposed systems, simply:
iTero logo

⇾   Add Prosthodontic Laboratory Stomadent

       to your scanner menu

⇾   Next time you login to the software,

       our lab will be available to receive

       the scan data

⇾   Fill out the RX

⇾   Complete your intraoral scan

⇾   Select Prosthodontic Laboratory

       Stomadent and send the file

⇾   Login to 3Shape Communicate

⇾   Click “Connections”

⇾   Enter “”

       in the search, click “find”

⇾   Select Stomadent Dental Lab

⇾   Click “I Agree” then “Connect”

⇾   Wait for us to accept your invitation

       (1 Business Day)

⇾   You can now connect to our lab

       from your Trios Scanner

⇾   Fill out the Trios RX

⇾   Select Stomadent Dental Lab

       from the lab menu and hit “Send”

⇾   Create an account on Cerec-Connect
⇾   After account activation, login and click

       on “My Favorite Labs”

⇾   Search for Stomadent Dental Lab,

       to do this you must enter “N6C 5Z6”

       into the Zip Code / Postal Code

⇾   Click the checkbox to the left of 

       Stomadent Dental Lab

⇾   Login to your CERCE® Software

       and complete your intraoral scan

⇾   Fill out the CEREC® online RX

⇾   Choose Stomadent Dental Lab

       to process the .STL file to us

⇾   Login to CS Connect

⇾   In the toolbar, click the logo containing

       three people

⇾   Go to the partners window and click

       invite a partner

⇾   Enter “”

       in the email field

⇾   Hit Send (We accept invitations

       usually in the same day)

⇾   Complete your patient scan

⇾   In the case list, select your case

       and click the up arrow

⇾   Select Stomadent Dental Lab 

       in the case submission dialog

⇾   Accept the terms of use & submit

⇾   Login to your 3M Account

⇾   Make sure that Stomadent Dental

       Lab is available under the scanner

       Laboratory Menu. (If you require

       assistance, please contact the 3M

       Digital Impression Customer Service

       at (877) 622-6528 and request

       assistance adding profiles

       to the scanner menu).

⇾   Choose Stomadent Dental Lab

       profile from the dropdown menu

⇾   Complete the patient scan

⇾   Fill out the 3M RX

⇾   Upload

⇾   Log in to the administrator account.

⇾   Go to Partners on the left menu.

⇾   Search for the Stomadent Denta Lab.

⇾   Locate the lab, and click the Request

       Partnership button. Check the 

       partner’s terms & conditions,

       and click the Confirm button.

⇾   You will see that the lab has been

       added to the Partners

⇾   Wait until the status changes to status

       will be changed to “Partnership”         

       when the lab accepts the request.