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Digital Dental Manufacturing

The dental industry has experienced a shift in the means of manufacturing as technology advances. The use of CAM for manufacturing has become more prevalent in dentistry. CAD/CAM eliminates the need for manual labor and creates a faster, more accurate, and consistent method of producing dental restorations. The possibility of digital dentures is driven by the need to produce low-cost, high quality, and efficient restorations. Although digital dentures have yet to be implemented on a broad scale, the number of benefits associated with digital dentures.


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When it comes to dentistry, patient comfort and experience are the top priorities. A traditional model of dental care, where patients are in the chair for several hours at a time, is being challenged by more creative solutions. Dentists have been experimenting with a new way to make dentures and other restorations, called Digital Dental Manufacturing (DDM), which provides faster service for patients and results in a better end product. Digital dentures can take the place of old-fashioned impressions. 

The process is simple: a dentist takes an intraoral scan of the patient’s mouth. Then, the technician clean up the intraoral scans and in dental CAD software, translates the image into a digital design. It goes through rigorous quality control steps to ensure that the digital model is just as exact as it can be before being sent to a milling machine to cut the final piece. Because DDM deals with digital files instead of molds or impressions, DDM allows for greater customizability while maintaining high accuracy in measurements. The end product is not only beautifully made but also comfortable and according to research it has a better fit compared to conventional dentures.


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At Stomadent, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our patients with quality and affordable dental appliances, which are manufactured by our skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art facility. We manufacture both digital and conventional removable prosthesis, including full upper and lower dentures, partials, cast partials, flippers for edentulous, teeth or implant supported restorations. Beside removable prosthesis Stomadent dental laboratory   specialized in fixed restorations such as crowns, bridges and high esthetic veneer cases.

One of the advantages of digital manufacturing is that it allows us to print any design a dentist may have in his or her mind. If a patient needs something especially unique, we can create it. We use 3D printers and Dental mills for manufacturing digital prosthesis. All digital prosthesis are completed with by technician and inspected prior shipping.